Anita Bondi Designs

Anita Bondi Designs

Seeking Presence and Inspiration Daily

I love to create. I love beauty and the search for it in daily life, whether it be in someone’s story, the nature outside my door, or the moment inspiration lifts my gaze and turns me inward. I dabble and take pride in being a jack of all trades and maybe one day a master of something, but for today, thanks for taking a few moments to see what is bringing me joy now..

I am currently doing body/mind healing sessions, making and recording meditations, and creating whenever the moment allows. I work to have authenticity at the core of my being and trust you will experience that in my work. I deeply bow to you and to life itself. 

“it’s all beautiful – period.”


Body/Mind Therapy

Our bodies want to be well and whole. The mind fights for control and is afraid to let go. This creates stress, a lack of balance in the systems of the body and dis-ease.

This is the problem at the core of most illness, as body and mind begin to separate and a breakdown in communication occurs. The body is slow and needs to be listened to; while the mind is fast, chattering away and ceaselessly talking. Body/Mind Therapy creates a space for listening at a deep tissue level while allowing for the mind to be heard for what it is and what it is not. If we can restore the balance, if mind and body can become allies, then healing can begin.


It has become more and more obvious as I work with individuals and through my own healing journey, that learning to understand our thinking, become embodied, and on a journey to living present to each moment is essential to our wholeness. I teach classes, make individual meditations for patients, and put up videos for anyone so that they can access the deep place within them where Truth resides.

Creations for Sale

Anita Bondi Designs creates inspirational jewelry for all of life’s many special occasions! Special orders are also always welcome.

Anita is the creator of the InterPlay Inspiration Deck based on 21 principles and practices of InterPlay – a system to unlock the wisdom of the body and help us see that “life does not have to be so hard” (Phil Porter, co-founder)

Creations are available at Wellspring Holistic Center and online at ETSY


The friend I gave this necklace to has had a difficult year and absolutely loved it! She even looked better the minute she put it on. ( : The personal attention given to my order was so appreciated and very refreshing. I will definitely buy from Anita again and have recommended her site to many friends and family members. Thank you, Anita! Best always.

— Beth

“Twice in my life I have had physical issues that western medicine alone could not heal. Anita treats the Whole person and brings the pieces into harmony. This process is incremental and deep. I leave every session quiet in mind, body, and heart – ready to grow past the physical and mental stopping places.

 My immune system is stronger from my ongoing treatments and my insights into my motivations are more beneficial to my well-being.

Anita is a healer who feels deeply into my essence and can energetically bring about profound changes. I thank her with all my heart.”


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