Food Fasting Mindfulness Programs

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Watch the 2 sisters in action!
Anita Bondi, PhD and Louise Bowman,MSAc., MSNutr. are the co- directors of Wellspring Holistic Center, creators of the 21 Day Transformation and Regeneration Protocol, the FMP (Fasting Mindfulness Program), and sisters on this journey of life.
 They constantly read, study, experiment, and practice what they preach. They believe that the body wants to be well on all levels and that healing is possible for everyone. They are dedicated to that in themselves and in those who choose to work with them.

Anita and Louise bring their combined 54 years in the field of body/mind Integrative Medicine and their ongoing passion for study and research to offer you programs that are focused on food, fasting, mindfulness, and meditation. They focus on the special needs of women as they mature and age.

Come journey with us. We welcome you – all of unique, beautiful, special you.

We understand and know the struggles we all face in finding and taking the time for healthy living and all that daily commitment requires. We have had success and we want to help you to have success too. We have created multiple programs that focus on food, fasting, and mindfulness for individuals and groups and will continue to inspire and challenge ourselves and the world around us.

Our doors and our hearts are always open to all who desire a life of working together to create a world of abundant well-being; where people are peaceful, present, resilient and free on all levels.

We live by this deep wisdom:

“Old keys will never open new doors” – anita bondi

Anita Bondi

One Sister – Mindfulness Master

A fellow aging woman who believes that it is time for women to embrace aging as a font of wisdom and true inner power. A seeker and a mentor to accompany you on your journey to find inner peace and self- acceptance using easy practices and thoughtful questions to support and guide you. 

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One Sister – Nutritional Ninja

A foodie at heart, I am always searching for new recipes and cooking ideas that will allow my body to run all day long, without skimping on flavor. Although I love to search for recipes, I am not always good at following them – just ask my family. I am always ready to talk about food and help find the eating plan that will make you feel like a rockstar! 

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Louise Bomwan